Confession: I can’t think of a less desirable Christmas tradition than making gingerbread houses. There, I said it. I know my kids love it, but I really do avoid it at all costs.

It’s not making them that is so bad, it’s having the house sit on my counter with little fingers constantly touching it, trying to break off stale candy and then leaving dried up frosting fragments all over my counters and floor.

Luckily, we have a friend who is much more fun when it comes to gingerbread houses and invited us over for a patio decorating session. The kids were in heaven. She had prepared the houses for decorating and had them hot glued in place beforehand which was a lifesaver.

Each kid’s personality was on display as they let their houses come to life. Bennett was creative but done first. Hunter took his time and was meticulous at every stage. Briggs was only temporarily interested and immediately wanted to eat his house. And I’m pretty sure for every one piece of candy that Cannon added to his house he popped two more in his mouth. His smile was evidence of that.

Grateful for the “fun mom” that invited us to join along with her Christmas spirit. She put a smile on all my kid’s faces.

And I consider myself a “fun mom” because I let them pick at those houses for three days – leaving trails of frosting everywhere – before I gleefully dumped them in the trash. Merry Christmas!