I would not consider myself “outdoorsy”. I don’t shop at REI. I don’t have backpacking equipment. And I really don’t enjoy camping. Having said that, I really enjoy spending time outdoors (as long as I can sleep in a comfortable bed at night!) I love adventures. I love the National Parks. I love the ocean. I love hiking. I love the lake. I love showing my kids the world. And so far that really just means the world that is within driving distance to us.

We are surrounded by such unique and varying landscape – all of it beautiful in its own way. And it seems as though I have a “thin place” moment every time I’m in nature. Being on the ocean as the sun goes down never gets old and every time I witness it my heart swells with gratitude. Every time I drive through Zion National Park, I am over come with the same feelings. Same goes for the first run of the morning at Lake Powell.

We live in a beautiful world and every time I take advantage of the moments to be outside, I’m always left feeling grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.