How ironic that I would post my disdain for gingerbread houses yesterday and today I learned we have a master gingerbread maker living in our house!

We attended Briggs’ preschool program and after they sang all their fun Christmas songs it was announced that they were going to give some prizes for the gingerbread houses they made in class (I love that they do this at school!!) They announced three runner up awards and then they announced the grand prize: Briggs. He looked nervous at first and then a little surprised. The teacher said he paid attention to patterns, he added landscape details and even included a little canopy on the porch. For a four-year-old without any help, I thought he did a pretty good job. He may have gone a little heavy on the frosting – it’s hard to know if there’s any gingerbread underneath there or not.

My favorite part is what happened this afternoon. Hallie got home from school and I was explaining to her that Briggs brought home the trophy today for his gingerbread house. So when he got up from his nap Hallie excitedly joined him in his room so he could give her all the details – she was recording him as he spilled the details.

Hallie: What happened at the program today?!
Briggs: So, we got a moose stuffed animal and a bear stuffed animal.
Hallie: Why?
Briggs: Also, I got a candy.
Hallie: Why?
Briggs: Because I did the 4th best or the last best.
Hallie: The fourth best?
Briggs: Yea, the fourth best is the last best. So I got fourth.
Hallie: No, I think you got first.
Briggs: No, I was fourth. Grant was first.
Hallie: No, they did fourth place. Then third place. Then second. Then First. You’re first place, you’re the winner.
Briggs: No, I was fourth
Hallie: No, I’m pretty sure you were first, I asked mom, she said you were first.

Briggs’ face was pure elation. He threw his sheets over his head in excitement. He thought because his name was last one called, that he was the “last best” or fourth place (out of 26 kids).

Hallie and I got a good laugh out of it tonight – we watched the video a couple times because it’s just so dang cute. In fact, I was laughing the whole time I sweeping up the frosting pieces all over my floor – and there is a lot of frosting on that house! 🙂