Every family needs an animated child for Christmas morning – they are always overly excited/happy about everything and they are just so fun to buy gifts for.

It is no surprise that Bennett is our animated child – 365 days a year – but he’s especially fun on Christmas morning. He gives us all the reactions you would hope for in a child opening a present. My favorite part was scrolling through all of our pictures from Christmas morning and seeing the many faces of Bennett. Every time he opened a gift, we got a reaction. Many times his siblings opened a gift, we got a reaction from him. He was just as excited for everyone else as he was for himself. Every one needs a little Bennett in their lives.

This last picture is one of my favorites. Bennett was wanting a comfy and we had convinced him it wasn’t going to happen. So when Hunter opened a Comfy, Bennett gave a look of somewhat disappointment mixed with disgust.

What can I say – he’s full of facial expressions!