This is just a little behind the scenes of this years family picture/Christmas card. This was in our living room right after we got home from getting family flu shots the day before Thanksgiving. (Not sure why flu shots the day before Thanksgiving is a tradition but all the kids are out of school and we make it a family outing).

Family pictures are always a little hectic and somewhat entertaining. As you can see Bennett is casting a Harry Potter spell on his little brother while Hunter day dreams and Hallie strikes a pose. I have plenty of photos like this as I test the lighting. The trick is setting the timer and jumping in the picture while it fires off 10 consecutive photos. I run back to the camera only to realize Briggs has his hand over his head in every picture. Re-do. Cannon please look at the camera. Re-do. Bennett scoot in a little more. Re-do. Briggs, seriously just look at the camera. Re-do. Bribes. Re-do.

Pray that one out of the last 60 pictures will work because it is too painful to shoot another round!

Every year I tell myself I’ll hire someone (the last time we hired someone Bennett was a toddler). But then I would feel the pressure to buy coordinating outfits – because if I’m going to pay I’ve got to put in some effort. So we tri-pod it. And I get outtakes like this. They may not ever make the wall but how I can delete so much personality?!