The school situation for our kids right now is fluid (as it is most everywhere) and every day we’re adjusting. But today…today they went back to school in person. At least my elementary kids went back in person. Hallie, in high school, will remain in remote for at least an additional 2 weeks before they reevaluate.

The kids were excited. Their teachers were excited. I was excited. Briggs…not so excited. He’s really going to miss attending Cannon’s virtual classes!

I do have to say, this round of remote learning went FAR better than the last round at the beginning of the school year. They ditched the online learning system the district purchased and actually let teachers teach their own curriculum and it went so much better. So many less frustrations. Technology is still a beast – bless those teachers that are trying to virtually help a student who can’t get their video or microphone to work! So many tech issues. The dinosaur laptops they provided the kids weren’t meant to zoom 6 hours a day. Their little processors just aren’t fast enough.

Needless to say – I’m grateful for these kids to be back in person and off a screen.

I mopped my kitchen floor today knowing it would stay clean all day – that’s the kind of optimism I have with my kids in school!