How in the world is it finally “Cowboy” day at school. All these theme days mark time for me in the preschool year. Cowboy day seems to mark the steady roll down hill to the end of school. How is January over?

He’s been talking about this day for a while. I think his teacher must really hype up this day because every day he was asking Alexa how many days until January 28th. He made his horse days ago. He decorated his marshmallow guns. And today…he was ready.

He came home and we had a full fledged marshmallow war. The problem was he would shoot a marshmallow and then pick it up and eat it. Shoot another, eat it. Before long our war was over because he ran out of ammunition! I asked how he was going to shoot his brothers when they got home from school and he gave me a surprised and concerned face. “You need to go buy a new bag of marshmallows.” 🙂

And this is our 8th and only living stick horse.