We decided to take the kids with us to the store to shop for another family for Christmas. We had sizes and we were on a mission! But shopping with 5 kids is no walk in the park – although Steve was doing his best to find zen in the moment.

We pulled out my very favorite Christmas puzzle – Christmas sweater cookies. Hunter is about the only one that will sit there and figure it out with me. We left it on the table for several days and we’d steal a moment her or there to work on it. The worst part is finishing the puzzle only to realize sometime in the last few days a small piece has gone missing!

Christmas cards trickled in and I couldn’t help but laugh at Steve’s oldest brother’s card – it pretty much sums up the year for most every one I know.

Matching Christmas pajamas – not a tradition I grew up with but something I look forward to every year. Some years they’re completely matching, other years they’re coordinating. The older they get, the harder it is to find something that will fit and please everyone.

Hunter giving us his untraditional nativity gift.

I didn’t think our annual trip to the Bass Pro Shop was going to happen but we jumped through the hoops and made it work. These two are pro Santa and they were both anxious and excited for the big day. 🙂

The other kids are shockingly supportive and they make the experience even better for the younger ones.

Briggs had his Christmas program and he was just about the cutest reindeer I’ve ever scene.

Sending out Christmas cards has always been a chore but it’s made easier when I have capable kids to do the work for me.

We spent a lot of December training for a big hike Steve and the older kids are doing soon. Hikes, running bleachers, hikes and more bleachers. They are ready!

December likes to show off when it comes to sunsets. The sky is always a beautiful blend of colors. One day Bennett came in frantically looking for Hallie. I couldn’t find her so I asked what he needed. “Mom, the sunset is amazing – Hallie would love it!” I ran out with him and sure enough, there was a cotton candy sky. I love that he notices the beauty in light.

I found this on Hallie’s phone – the background of her screen and I couldn’t love it anymore. Even decked with a red frame for Christmas.

Although Hallie broke her finger this month which kept her from playing sports – the boys played on. I am a soccer mom and as such my weekends involve attending soccer games and I can’t complaint – I enjoy it.

And that’s a wrap…mostly! 🙂