We’ve had two friends bring home new dogs in the last week.

This may come as a shock – but I am not a dog person. Or an animal person for that matter. I grew up in a family that loved dogs, and somehow I missed out on the animal lover gene. In fact, quite the opposite. Don’t invite me to hold or pet your dog. I will have a hard time hiding the look of disgust on my face. 🙂

My kids know this about me (and really Steve shares the same sentiment) and they have resigned to the idea that they will never have a dog while living under our roof. For a while we joked that we were allergic. That bought us some time until they got older and saw through our well-meaning lies.

Because we have dogs on the brain, I found a notebook on our counter this week that read, “I have a dog”.

Later that evening, I was putting the notebook away and noticed Hallie added a little note to the previous entry.

Maybe we’ve been a little too honest about our thoughts on dogs! Oh buddy.