As if this last year has not thrown enough curveballs – Arizona just got snow.

It was brief. There was excitement. And an itty bitty snowman.

Just as the kids were coming home from school, the rain that had been falling from the sky for 24 hours started to take shape on the ground. And for just a brief moment, the rain falling from the sky turned into a beautiful snowfall. If you blinked, you would’ve missed it. But it came fast enough it started collecting on the trampoline and some areas on the grass.

The kids gathered the snow they could to build a snowman and Briggs kept running around the house yelling this was the best day ever. Hunter took to the trampoline to “play” with the snow – and then was surprised when his shoes were soaking wet!

It was fun for an hour. And then we we’re ready for it to warm back up!