Briggs was the only kid in the family that was able to take Valentine’s to school this year (much to the other kids’ chagrin.) Briggs and I walked the isles of Target looking for his special Valentines to give. He started with car erasers. And then he grabbed the bubbles. Then little stamps were added to the basket. By the time he had three options in the cart I had him make a decision. Stamps were quickly tossed out but he hemmed and hawed over the other two options. Ultimately bubbles won out without any rhyme or reason. And then he proceeded to talk about making his Valentines for the next week until we finally got around to making them!

He was so excited to go to school and ask a special girl in his class to be his Valentine. (he clearly has older siblings and I’m not sure when kids started asking kids to be their Valentine, but this year it’s a thing!) Unfortunately she was out of town and he had some serious disappointment…which was quickly suppressed with large amounts of candy from his valentines bag!

Download all the Valentine’s and even more at the resource library.