Two years ago Hunter was ready to move to club soccer. We were ready for him to get some competitive play, but we weren’t sure we were ready for the commitment.

Due to our faith, we chose a no Sunday soccer club (which are really hard to come by) – meaning, he won’t ever be asked to play a game or practice on Sundays. We didn’t want to have to make that decision every time a tournament came up that landed on Sundays. We made one decision up front and it has made our transition to club sports much easier.

On Hunter’s team, everyone has their own reason for joining the no Sunday team. For many it was a faith based decision (from all different faiths), for some it was a scheduling decision not conflicting with other activities or work schedules, and for some it was the proximity to the practice fields.

Either way, they all landed on a team together and they have a giant for a coach. He leads them and coaches them in every way imaginable – including leading them in a prayer before each game.

He doesn’t share our faith, and his prayers sound different than ours and I love it all the same. I never tire of seeing this from the sidelines.