We had an awesome Saturday last weekend. As we drove home that evening from the tennis courts, all seven of us in the car, we admired the colors of the sunset splashed across the horizon. Steve was sharing how much he had enjoyed the day. We slept in, we watched Hunter’s soccer, worked in the yard and played tennis all together. Steve went on to say that when he’s a grandpa, these are the days he’s going to look back on and remember. The time when all of us were at home spending time together.

From the backseat Briggs adds to Steve’s tender comment, “When I’m a grandpa, I’m going to eat peanuts.”

Which sounds like an oddly placed comment. But they call my dad “grandpa” and whenever he comes to visit we stock up on peanuts because he goes through an abnormal amount of peanuts (at least by our standards!) Briggs obviously associates grandpa with peanuts! What’s funny is I associate certain foods with my grandparents. Why is that?! I can’t see rainbow marshmallows and not think of my Grandma Lola, storing them in a recycled plastic container on the top of the fridge.