Our involuntary bathroom remodel (thanks to our new year bathroom flooding) was at a stand still for FAR. TOO. LONG. Thanks to insurance. The one thing we all purchase and hope we never have to use!

I don’t even want to count the hours I’ve spent on the phone fighting this process but we had too move on because I was done fighting and waiting. Waiting for the fourth opinion as to whether the damaged cabinets can be saved or whether or not we have solid wood trim. Which we clearly do making it even more maddening that I have to fight it. Regardless, we’re moving forward. Todays demo included the shower upstairs. What we believed would be a relatively easy process wound up taken far more muscles and time than we anticipated – par for the course when doing projects! We had a full day of working and playing and then came home and started demo. Seeing how long it took us to do this little shower is making us dread the idea of ripping out our master bath with far more tile installed with mortar and chicken wire. (I had no idea back in the day tile was installed with chicken wire!!)

Are we done yet? 🙂