Steve and Hunter spent months preparing for the all-day Ridgeline Hike. They ran bleachers. Steve did the stair stepper. Hunter ran miles. They worked hard for this.

They did it together two years ago so they knew what they were getting into (which for Steve made it harder to hike the second time) and they were more prepared (jackets and long pants).

They were up early and heading out to the trailhead by 5:30am; hiking the first part with headlamps. Hallie had basketball in the morning so she hiked several miles up the backside with a group and met up with them. By 5:30pm they were making their way off the mountain.

That’s a long day. A lot of steps. And a lot of flights of stairs.

Somehow Hunter still had a skip in his step when he got home but by the next morning his legs were feeling it – even with all his physical preparation.

They had a good time – but I’m not sure Steve will be convinced to do it a third time!