I saw quote this week that I couldn’t relate with more right now. “A big project is just a lot of little projects.”

I needed to hear that this week.

We waited for almost 6 weeks for insurance to help us out on our bathroom/laundry flood and we’re now moving into the rebuilding phase. The problem is, once everything was ripped out I had a hard time buying into the idea of putting our 30 year-old cabinets back in the space. We were getting new floors. New drywall and paint. New shower. I couldn’t put a bandaid on the room and put the old cabinets back in when we were eventually going to replace them anyway.

Anyone remodeling right now knows the costs are high and the timelines are extensive. So I came up with what I thought was a reasonable solution at the time: I would build all the cabinet boxes myself. It seemed like a good idea and now that I’m actually knee deep in the project I’m second guessing that idea!! 🙂

I have 17 cabinet boxes I need to build. (Some of them are heavy enough I can’t even carry them by myself.) The project quickly became overwhelming. So I’m breaking it down to a lot of little projects. Drill the pocket holes on 5 boxes. Attach edge banding on three boxes. Assemble one box. The project that has taken over the garage is a lot to handle. But I’m slowly tackling little tasks – I suppose it seems less overwhelming when it’s viewed as a million small projects!