For years I longed for the weekend to come.

Weekends meant Steve was home from work and I would get a reprieve from the long days of motherhood. I would spend all week planning what my Saturday would look like – and let me tell you, I got stuff done! I built furniture. I worked in the yard. I remodeled the house. Weekends were my jam.

And slowly those productive home remodeling Saturdays have been replaced with kid’s activities – and I really can’t complain about it. I may not do as many projects as I used to, but I look forward all week to a Saturday of watching my kids do things they love.

We usually have a least one soccer game every weekend. Sometimes, both boys have a Saturday game. In a really rare occasion, one of our two boys will have two games in one day so we’ll have three soccer games to watch. And once in a blue moon Hallie will have a tennis tournament that lines up on the Saturday we have multiple soccer games.

This weekend was that blue moon. Hallie’s tennis tournament, Hunter’s soccer game on the other side of the valley and then Bennett’s two soccer games on the opposite side of the valley from Hunter’s games. We had hours and hours of sports to watch and by some large miracle, none of the sports overlapped. We were able to attend every minute of each kids’ activity which never happens!

We left the house at 8:30 in the morning and didn’t return home until 6pm. Years ago, I would have been itching to get back to my projects at home, but now I’m able to enjoy these simple moments – even when they consume my entire Saturday and I’ve got a garage full of wood I’m trying to build cabinets with. I was exactly where I wanted to be and that was on the sidelines.