I just sent my dad back on a plane to go home after a long week of helping me out with the laundry room and bathroom that were flooded back at the beginning of January.

Project week was a smashing success and I’m pretty sure I wore my dad out! We had some long days and late nights and we both just kept going. I’m wondering if any neighbors noticed a saw in the garage that was running at midnight last night!

The only problem with project week (aside from utter exhaustion) is the projects are never contained in the spaces we’re working on. No – they bleed to every inch of the house. It was not unusual this week so see something like this in the kitchen:

Cabinet boxes, cabinet doors, drawer boxes, paint, screws, tools, leftover breakfast – you name a tool in my garage and chances are at one point it was in the kitchen this week. Not to mention the thick layer of dust covering everything in the house. When I’m working on a major project, you can guarantee the rest of the house is in shambles – I don’t know how to do it any other way!

I maximize the time when my dad is here helping and I figure and I can clean and put the house back together after he’s gone. So now you know what I’m doing for the rest of the week!