Here is my weekly gratitude for amazon! I am amazed just how much one company has transformed my life.

I am waist deep in home projects right now and I’m doing everything I can to keep pushing them along. I have been amazed at how few trips I’ve made to Home Depot thanks to Amazon. I need screws, and wire, and lights, and plumbing…everything you can imagine. And Amazon has delivered most of it…next day. Yes, it’s saving me a lot of time, but more than anything I have so many more options. A few weeks ago, I ran from one store to the next, for several hours trying to locate some very specific things I needed for the remodel and I still came up empty handed. Within 15 minutes of being home I had it ordered on Amazon and it was arriving the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, Home Depot still has a large piece of my heart (and pocketbook) but I love the convenience and options online. And I’m getting to know the delivery guy real well – I’ll miss him when I wrap this project up!