Steve made his annual trip north with the older kids for a couple days of skiing over spring break – exactly like his dad did all those years ago with Steve and his siblings. It’s a love that’s been passed on from one generation to the next. We probably should have sent Cannon this year so he could learn, but Steve wanted one good year of skiing before having to teach another kid. I’m convinced we will all go next year and teach Cannon and Briggs together so we can start enjoying this tradition as a family.

Unless it’s cold. And then I’ll gladly let Steve take the kids without me. But if it’s spring skiing, and it’s not snowing, and it’s not freezing and my boots fit just right, then I will gladly join! 🙂

Steve was worried the snow would be terrible because it’s been a rough winter for moisture…and he was correct. The hill was hard and icy. Unfortunately for them, it started snowing the last hour they were there and it didn’t stop for three days – they missed the good snow by a couple hours! But our kids don’t know good snow (hello Utah) and we’ll probably keep it that way so they still enjoy and appreciate Arizona snow.