Briggs wins the award for the most decorated bed.

He’s responsible for making his bed every day and when he first started making it, there was a stuffed animal or two. (I despise stuffed animals and yet here we are!)

And then he inherited his brothers’ beanie boo collection and all the sudden his bed seemed a little crowded and zoo-like – but at least he was making his bed.

The other day, I went to check bedrooms and I found this. He had cleaned his room earlier in the day and I’m pretty sure he took everything on his floor and put it on his bed so his floors were clean. But he didn’t just throw the stuff on his bed because he knew I would have him re-do it. Instead, he carefully placed each and every item. His baby blanket. The Christmas blanket that never made it back in the Christmas box. The Rody – who is rocking a Santa hat. The entire collection of beanie boos, including Bennett’s Disneyland snake. 4 pillows – 2 of which are not his pillows (makes me wonder who is missing a pillow on their bed.)

You can imagine when it was time for bed, all these things made their way to the floor. The next day he made his bed and put everything back on it!