Our quiet lunch dates are quickly nearing their expiration date as Briggs gets ready to go to school in the fall. He’s just like Bennett – when the clock strikes noon – he is ready for his lunch. It doesn’t matter if we ate a brunch at 10:30 – lunch is at noon, no questions asked.

He waffles between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a toasted blueberry bagel with cinnamon honey butter. He always saves room for a gogurt and prefers the mandalorian branded gogurts if we have them, but settles for the ones with jokes imprinted on the side that he loves to share with me. He cuts off the top of his gogurt on the counter near the trash can and oddly enough, the cut off top never makes it in the trash can. And I rarely find a pair of scissors without sticky yogurt on them. I suppose that’s the cost of independence!

He usually walks around the house as he eats his gogurt – something that was never allowed with the older kids (food doesn’t leave the kitchen). He roams through the house and often makes it outside to the tramp or grass. Cannon loved to play games while he devoured his lunch. Briggs loves to explore during lunch.

The older kids keep talking to him about lunch time at school next year. His excitement is building enough that he’s starting to ask about his lunch box and who he’s going to sit by. I asked him if he’ll miss me at lunch next year and he reminded my I still have Steve at home with me. Lucky for me, Steve knows how to make his lunch and clean up after himself so my lunch time duties will significantly decrease!