Steve doesn’t download his photos very often, but when he does I find gems that I want to document.

A while back Steve and I were supposed to go on a trip and for reasons outside our control, the trip was cancelled. But Steve had so been looking forward to a vacation and he wanted to check out. So he came up with a last minute plan: A ski trip with his dad and local siblings. Surprisingly, everyone that lived in the area, was able to rearrange plans so they could ski together.

Steve’s dad spent years and years (and years) teaching his kids how to ski. After he taught all of his kids, he started teaching grandkids. Luckily, Hallie, Hunter and Bennett have all benefited from his patient lessons. They are a family with a love for the slopes and they all ski with such grace.

Since Steve’s dad is not getting any younger, they thought it would be fitting to join him on the hill again. And despite awful snow conditions, they loved every minute of it – down to enjoying the traditional snickers bar on the ski lift that Steve’s dad has handed out for years.

Because the family is so large, this dynamic (siblings only) is a rare occasion. They have welcomed every in-law in as if they were born in the family, but sometimes, it’s just fun to be with the people you were raised with and this trip was evident of that. Everyone is busy with their own families and lives so this was a spontaneous connection point that I don’t even think Steve realized he was missing. Steve wasn’t just raised by his parents – being #8 of 9, he was raised by siblings. And even today he’s still learning and growing with them.

They only skiied two days but Steve came home energized with a renewed sense of gratitude for the family that raised him and continues to support him. He had loving and faithful parents who did everything they could for this family.

Hopefully next year, we’ll have another picture just like this (with perhaps an additional three siblings!)