Like many kids, our older kids are busy with sports. My weeks are spent shuffling kids to and from practice and watching games. I really enjoy watching my kids play sports and have made it a priority to be at their games – rarely missing. There is a reason we don’t start sports until they’re older because we are committed and it really takes a toll on the family as we try and manage the schedules.

Hallie’s high school tennis schedule has been a little harder to work with because her matches are right after school when the other kids have activities as well and she’s had three matches a week for over a month – they packed it in. And yet, we’ve been to most of them.

Hallie has her last tennis match of the season tomorrow night and I have hesitated going. It’s on the other side of the valley, a very long drive. On top of that she has seen very little competition this season and wins most of her matches by a landslide and tomorrow’s competition is likely the same. The other kids have practices I need to coordinate…so I hesitated.

And then I picked her up from tennis practice today and was watching her for a minute as they finished up. And it hit me, I can’t not go see her tomorrow – I love watching her play! Her schedule has been intense but I’m so sad it’s coming to an end. She’s worth the 1 hour drive each way to watch her smoke someone! 🙂