My wedding ring doesn’t fit very well and it hasn’t for years. In the winter I don’t ever wear it because it constantly falls off but by the time summer rolls around, the heat makes my hands swell and it fits pretty well which is why I’ve never had it sized.

A couple weeks back, I was getting ready for church and I put my ring on. Later in the afternoon, I was taking the kids on a bike ride around the neighborhood and I recognized my ring was gone. It startled me because I couldn’t recall taking it off, but I assumed it was at home.

Hours later Steve returned from some meetings and was talking to me in the kitchen as I prepped food. He looked at my hand and asked where my ring was (which is very out of character because it doesn’t fit well and I’m always working with my hands, he knows I don’t often wear it.) I explained that I knew without a doubt I had it on in the morning at church and I hadn’t seen it since.

He’s a terrible actor and I could see through his expression that he was hiding something.

“Did you find my ring!?”


“Yes, you did!”

“I didn’t find it, but somebody else did!”

Someone in the ward after us had found my rind in the pew at church and found Steve and asked if they could turn it in because somebody would be looking for it. As soon as she held it out to give it to him, he recognized it as my ring and he assured them he would get it to their owner! 🙂

That was a close call. What are the chances that an honest person found it and then they found Steve to turn it in?! Needless to say – I have stashed my ring in a safe spot until I can get it to fit properly. I told Steve, he could add a smaller diamond band and it would probably fit perfectly. He didn’t bite. 🙂