My little shadow loves to help me put away my Costco and Sam’s Club hauls.

He likes taking everything out their boxes and putting them in the bins on the shelf. (He took it upon himself to create an AB pattern with the applesauce and mandarin oranges – very proud of himself!)

I walked by him in the pantry as I continued to put things away and I couldn’t help but watch his little hands meticulously stack the fruit bin. He suddenly seemed so old kneeling on the floor with boxes torn open cluttered around him. Besides, when did he learn how to do an AB pattern!?!

I couldn’t help but just watch him for a minute. He looked up at me with his sheepish grin wondering why I was looking at him so intently. He looked down at the bin and back at me to make sure I acknowledged his handiwork. I applauded his efforts and he was ready to move on to the fruit leathers.

Maybe when he goes to school in the fall, I’ll save this job for him. He’s so good at it and he enjoys it far more than I do!