All my kids approach school projects a little differently – all of them good in their own way. Bennett’s approach has not changed since he was assigned his first project back in kindergarten.

When he gets an assignment, it doesn’t matter when the due date is, he wants to turn it in the day after it was assigned. Never fails, he comes home in a tizzy demanding we work on this right now and then I find out the due date is three weeks down the road. Let me tell you – if that deadline is three weeks down the road, I am not going to be offering all my time and attention on day one! 🙂

This has been a struggle over the years. His anxiousness to get it started, and my desire to work through a planning phase before jumping in. His desire to get it done quickly often overshadows the need for quality work – something we’ve been working on for years.

This project is part of an animal report he had to do on the flying squirrel. He had to come up with a diorama to go along with his report. After some frustration of not being sure of how he wanted to depict the trees, he landed on this idea and I love how it turned out. He was forced to slow down just a bit because Amazon only works so quickly.

I’m learning to address his needs of urgency and he’s learning to think through a project before jumping in – we’re both making progress!