I remember years ago living across the country from my parents and for Christmas we surprised them with a Logitech camera for their computer so we could try some new fangled software called Skype.

That software helped me feel connected to my family at a time when I was starting my own family and felt so desperately alone.

Years later, my location has changed, my stage in motherhood has changed, the software has changed, but the technology is the same: video calls.

I have heard so many share over the past year how important video calls have become to them in a post-covid world: A time period when we have felt the pangs of loneliness more than ever.

Video calling has changed my life and I am so grateful for the technology.

I often think of my own mother who lived away from her mother, only to see her twice a year. I remember her calling my grandma long distance and they’d talk and talk. What in the world could they possibly be talking about for so long, I thought!?

And now that I’m a mother in that position, I totally get it. They were probably talking about kids. They were talking about motherhood. They were talking about the weather and what they did over the weekend. They were connecting.

I’m doing the same thing – the only difference is I get to see her face while she’s talking to me. She gets to see my kids. She gets to see the projects I’m working on. It’s another level of connection that just wasn’t possible before.

Isn’t technology amazing?!