Several people have reminded me that Briggs is going to school in the fall which means we are in our final weeks with just the two of us at home. So the staying-home-with-mom farewell tour has begun: Cramming all the fun activities we can into a short period of time. I had anticipated the whole school year being like this but COVID put a damper on our social schedules and we didn’t go out exploring. Now that things have opened back up, we’re capitalizing on the short amount of time we have left.

We made a visit to the Enchanted Island in Phoenix with friends – a series of old school circus/carnival rides for little kids. When my older kids were little we came here a couple times a year – but its been a long time since we’ve been back and Briggs was beyond excited with every rinky-dink ride. There was no one in the park and these three rode every ride over and over and over again.

The farewell tour is shaping up nicely. 🙂