Kids have no concept of time which is a blessing and a curse!

We told Briggs he would go to kindergarten when he was five. So the minute he was five he was disappointed he wasn’t switching classes. We started telling him he would go to kindergarten after summer. Then the first day of summer rolls around and he’s wondering why he’s not in kindergarten. Now we’re telling him he’ll go when we get back from Idaho and for now that’s the most concrete time stamp he can understand.

Today started our first week of summer.

Hunter helped one of his teachers move her classroom and then spent the afternoon at the lake for a friends birthday.

I also attended a birthday gathering for Steve’s sister.

Hallie went to tennis and then had a friend over to swim before playing tennis again tonight and then started her online summer American History class. (It frees up a class for her to have release time seminary as well as a 7th hour sport.)

Bennett also had a birthday party and he was beyond excited for the Harry Potter theme. He told me what group he was sorted into and because I am not a Harry Potter enthusiast, I cannot for the life of me come up with the name of his group!

Briggs and Cannon – they swam. They jumped on the trampoline. We went to Swig and got shark attacks – of course for the gummy sharks. They swam some more.

Summer is the season where the kids have rotating swimsuits and we rarely wash underwear. Have a great summer!