I often scroll through my apple news feed late at night while I’m brushing my teeth (although I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that happy people don’t read news articles at night!).

I’m selective on what articles I actually click on. Most times I can read a header and know whether or not it’s worth reading.

Last week during my late night scroll I came across the heading, “Border weed: How the hometown of tater tots became a cannabis capital.” It caught my attention. There’s no doubt it was an interesting header. Weed and tater tots in the same sentence – someone in the lead department is crushing their job! 🙂

But more interesting was the fact that I read the headline and I knew exactly what little border town they were talking about – they were talking about my sleepy hometown area that’s not so sleepy anymore. Sure enough I clicked on the article to confirm it and then had to share the link with Steve (who was sleeping) so when he woke up he could learn about the weed business growing on the Oregon/Idaho border! So much excitement for such a small rural area. Who would have ever thought that the Ore-Ida Tater tot would be upstaged!?