We have another reader!

I’m not sure what goes on in the walls of his little preschool but I’m pretty sure there is sorcery!

I remember when Hunter first attended this preschool. Clearly I had low expectations because when he brought home his first book when he was four-years-old and read the book to me I was in shock. I had worked with him to learn his ABCs but when in the world did he learn how to blend sounds? He told me they do it all the time in preschool. Well fancy that!

Sure enough each kid that went through her school learned to read at a very young age. The teacher really is a miracle worker.

And although all my kids learned to read – Briggs took it to the next level. (Let’s be real, he’s the last kid at home which means there were far less distractions to keep him from reading. So he read and read.) It helped that his little buddy in the class was breaking the class record for over a thousand books and Briggs thought it was fun to try and keep up. In the end, he couldn’t keep up – but he did read a staggering 720 books in 4 months.

I think he’s more than ready for Kindergarten!