Hallie made a goal several years ago to make the high school tennis team and this year all her hard work paid off. Unlike most sports, tennis at her high school carries very limited spots. 6 varsity, 6 JV and some alternates. In a large 6A school – those are some tough spots to earn.

Hallie’s training up to this point has been mostly technical with very limited match experience. so when she made the JV #5 spot, we were so excited for her and the opportunity to get a lot of match play. And then she worked her way up challenging teammates and landed in the JV #2 spot midway through the season. She crushed it. She went 25-3 overall in her season (14 single and 14 doubles matches) and her 3 losses were in the first week of the season when she was still gaining some confidence in match play.

Part of what made this season so fun was playing with one of her best friends, as well as one of her cousins. Sports are made infinitely better when you love your teammates, and that was definitely the case this season.

One thing I love about Hallie is she’s not afraid to match her mom – we loved sporting our matching tennis sweatshirts.

By the end of the season, playing JV #2, she was on the varsity roster as an alternate and she got to go to the state tournament as a freshman. And although she didn’t play, it was a great experience for her to see how the state tournament works and the level of competition she’ll be up against in the future. It only made her more excited. The day after her season ended she got home from school and said, “I just really want to go play tennis right now.” So she found a teammate wanting to play and off they went. She loves it. She’s good at it. And she’s got some awesome growth ahead of her.

The varsity roster – a young team – two freshman, a sophomore and five juniors. They’ll be back at it again next year.