Steve got an email from Hunter while he was at school a few weeks back: Can I buy 1/4 of Tesla stock? (If one of our kids wants to buy a fraction of a stock, Steve is always willing to buy the other portion)

Steve wrote back: Write back confirming you want it and I will buy it today. 

Hunter replied: 1/4 of tesla, if I can. this is hunt-man

Steve replied: I bought it! 

There’s a couple things I find funny about this exchange. #1 – Hunter is tracking stocks in his free time at school – not your typical 6th grader. #2 – he wants to spend his money on stocks instead of lego sets – he’s growing up. #3 – on his second email he wanted to clarify who was asking to buy the stock by stating, “this is hunt-man”. #4 – Hunter has an obsession with Tesla right now and believes in the company 1000%.

One more thing – He’s often business on top, party on the bottom! 🙂