We just returned from one of my favorite weeks of the year – Lake Powell. And even though I’ve been on land for 24 hours now, everything is still swaying! 🙂 This vacation is not for everyone, but it speaks to my heart in all the right ways and even though it’s a lot of work, I look forward to it every year.

Our trip last year was a bit of a circus with so many things that went wrong (as Hallie reminded us, it was 2020…) and this year the water levels have been historically low which sent us in to a bit of a panic. I can’t even recount how much time we spent talking about whether or not we should cancel this trip. (And truthfully we would have, had the house boat rental company allowed us to without losing all our money).

So we went full of anxiety with how this experience would turn out. And you know what – it was probably our best year yet! No broken boat props. No stitches. No extreme weather. And although the historically low water levels effected us with closed boat ramps and having to be rerouted due to low water – once we were anchored in – we didn’t notice a difference. We had the best weather we’ve ever had. The water was warmer than we’ve ever experienced (which was still a tad chilly for my Arizona blood.)

And our kids just keep getting older making this more fun each and every year.