Hallie spends her time at Powell with the “teenage” group. They stay up late and then get up somewhat early to get a good run in which means they’re back in bed taking naps by 10:30am. They run around in a pack – they all load on to one boat to go surfing which means that boat is going to be out for hours to get them all through – but they rarely want to break up the group into two boats because life is more fun with friends. After lunch, they all head out for another run which means late afternoon is another round of naps, or making bracelets, or watching a movie. After dinner, they’re back out for surfing or tubing – as a group.

Like Hunter, Hallie’s main objective was to master surfing during her time at Powell. Every year she comes to Powell she gets a little better and this year she took off. After 5 years of surfing one week a year, she’s finally comfortable. Thank you to all those patient boat drivers over the years who took time to teach her and help her – and her peers who never stop teaching.

Steve is always down for some father/daughter cliff jumping!

There are some strong and outgoing personalities in this group of kids…and Hallie is not one of them! 🙂 She is happy to go with the flow, which makes her easy to be around. Although she lived close to all these kids when she was younger, she only sees most of these friends once a year during this week vacation we take together. So every year, she works at reconnecting with them. Sometimes that can be hard (when they all live close and see each other regularly) but she works hard at jumping in and putting herself in the mix. There is never a dull moment.

This group has been together for a while now and sadly, they’re starting to grow up and move on. The first girl has graduated and leaves on a mission in the fall. Two more graduate next year and we’re realizing it’s just the beginning of all the changes on the horizon. They’ve sure had fun together.