It’s way too hot to be hiking now, but not too long ago it was beautiful hiking weather where pants and sweatshirts were welcome. We had visitors (my brother and his family) coming to Arizona for the first time and they wanted to take a desert hike where they could see a cactus – which is basically every hike in our area.

We chose a hike that we had never done, but came highly recommended – the hieroglyphics trail. We were hopeful by going early spring that there would be a waterfall at the end, but we made it to the end only to find some old pools of water. But there were some great areas to explore, small animals to chase and hieroglyphics sprawled across the large face of a wall.

This was easy enough for our family to hike, but the littlest legs did get tired by the end. We were having to use serious methods of distraction to keep our little hiker happy, not to mention he had tripped on got a bloody knee and we were doing everything we could to get him not to see the blood rolling down the front of the leg. (It always hurts more once you see the blood!)

It wasn’t until an hour after we arrived home and eating dinner that he saw his knee and started crying because it hurt. 🙂

We should have left more time for the kids to explore. The area was pretty rocky which made it hard for Briggs to maneuver, but the rest of the kids were in heaven. We wanted to get down before it go to dark but we went again, we would definitely leave some more time.