Anyone who follows the NBA or watches the news or has even a basic pulse on sports knows that the Phoenix Suns are having a moment. No one would have imagined them to be in the finals and yet there they are. Steve has been a Suns fan since the time he was a kid. And in fact, the last time the Suns were in the finals, Steve was just 12-years-old and they were playing the Bulls and Michael Jordan.

And now all these years later, Steve is reliving his glory days and Hunter is now 12-years-old watching the Suns go to the finals for the first time his lifetime and only the second time in Steve’s.

This shirt has been worn on repeat for weeks now, two to three times a week. It’s gone on every vacation with us. In fact, he was in a tennis tournament in Idaho and he wanted to wear his Suns shirt because they had won the night before and he wanted everyone to know he was cheering them on.

We’re big fans. All the kids have attended games in the arena. We’ve watch all the playoff games as a family. We’ve cheered. We’ve yelled at the refs through the TV. Steve actually went to one of the games. We’re invested.

I’m not sure how this series is going to end, but it’s been a good run. And I’m confident Hunter will continue wearing this shirt (and of course Steve has a matching one) even after it ends. I just hope that Hunter doesn’t have to wait until he has a 12-year-old boy to see the Suns in the finals again.