I think the most popular question to ask a mom who has just entered the stage of all her kids in school – So what are you doing now to fill your days?

It’s a valid question.

It’s usually asked with some excitement – as if I’m going to have something really profound to say. When really, most days I’ve been asked that question it’s the same answer. I worked some, I cleaned some and then the day was done. Hopefully when I get caught up on work I’ll move to some home projects, that’s probably more what people want to hear when they ask that question.

Today was a little different though – so when two different people asked what I was doing today to fill my time my response was: Ripping out bushes and weeding, as well as fixing the leak in our AC unit and taking my closet items out to dry after being drenched from leak in the ceiling. Blank stare. That doesn’t sound nearly as fun as what I thought I would be doing when kids were in school but that was the fire I was putting out today. We noticed the leak a couple days ago. We fixed something hoping that would solve the problem and today it was worse than the first time.

I made a call to my AC guy today (we have a unique and special relationship). I found him years ago when I had to replace a unit and he’s been gold ever since. He knows I’m handy and solve most of my own problems and he’s really busy so while on the phone, he walked me through what I needed to do and told me to call him back if I still couldn’t get it working. (He’s the same guy years ago that taught us how to run our own flex duct work in our attic and even let us borrow his tools to do the job!)

It took some time, a trip to the store…twice…and now our AC is back up and running and there is currently no water dripping down my closet ceiling. I’m confident in my work, but not so confident that I’m putting my clothes back in the closet yet. 🙂