Warning: Post contains blood!

Last weekend as we were walking off the temple grounds after the wedding, I got a call from one of Hunter’s friends. I almost didn’t answer it and I thought it was weird that he was trying to facetime me, but out of curiosity, I answered. I was surprised to see Hunter’s face on the other end. They were at a ninja warrior gym/trampoline park and Bennett took a swinging bar to his cheek. The whole situation was funny because I wasn’t sure how Hunter landed at this place with this particular friend while we were away and even more odd that he was with Bennett since they were both staying at different homes for the weekend. But all the oddities aside, Bennett was bleeding.

The employee helping them jumped on the facetime and told me it wasn’t too bad and they were going to put a bandaid on it. Bennett wanted to stay instead of going home so just as soon as the called started, it ended.

I called the family Bennett was staying with to let them know and told them to take a closer look at it when they picked him up to see if it needed any medical attention. Fortunately for us, Bennett’s weekend babysitter also doubles as a surgeon so we knew he was in far better hands than if we were home.

Later that evening I got some pictures.

It was determined he needed stitches and luckily, our friends keep a kit handy. He explained to Bennett the process of stitches and then got to work numbing the area. Bennett said this was the worst part – feeling the needle move around in his skin was about more than he could handle. But then he was numb and couldn’t feel much.

And now he has a three stitch battle wound from the ninja course. His first set of stitches – so lovingly stitched by our best friends while they were already doing us a favor by having Bennett in their home for the weekend!