Bennett is our book worm. He hasn’t always been this way, but the last year or so he has been devouring books (ever since COVID). When we are getting in the car, he has a book in hand. It doesn’t matter if we’re driving 5 minutes away, or 5 hours away – he’ll have a book. When there’s a moment at home and he doesn’t have friends over – he’ll read. I love it. His imagination is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed and I’m sure a large part is due to the face that he consumes so many books. Not only that – he reads every genre. You couldn’t pay me to read a fantasy novel – he’ll read just about anything…but it has to be his idea. I’ve had books I’ve tried pushing on him for a while and he refuses to read them. And then he happens to pick it up and falls in love and has to read the whole series.

Last year for Christmas we picked up a book set at Costco by Stuart Gibbs called Spy School. He loved every single book and then he had to read other series by Stuart Gibbs (You’ll see in his summer list below he loved the Fun Jungle series and the Moon Base series by the same author.)

He breezed through his first three books (Fun Jungle) in the first two weeks of summer and we were lucky he brought the Lemoncello series (one of Hunter’s favorite). Once he cruised through those books we were hitting up the library in Idaho on a regular basis grabbing new books and he loved every single one. Here’s what he was able to finish on our summer road trip:

Pandamonium by Stuart Gibbs

Lion Down by Stuart Gibbs

Tyranosaurus Wrecks by Stuart Gibbs

Escape From Lemencellos Library by Chris Grabenstein

Mr. Lemencellos Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein

Mr. Lemencellos Great Library Race by Chris Grabenstein

Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

The Robot Escapes by Peter Brown

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

He’s excited to be back in school and looking forward to participating in the Battle of the Books competition – where they read assigned titles and compete against other students to answer questions about the books.

What he’s even more excited for is that the school library is back open after being closed last year. He’s ready for some new material!