We have had a beautifully wet monsoon season this year which was much needed and prayed for. We often miss the bulk of monsoon season because we’re gone during the month of July. While we were away this summer I saw multiple friends post videos of crazy storms Arizona was getting and I was just a tad jealous because storms in the desert are quite a sight. Lightning will light up the sky for hours on end, and when we’re lucky some rain will fall.

It rained while we were gone and it’s consistently rained since we’ve been home. There was a week in August when my phone was giving me flash flood warnings multiple times a day. The rain just kept coming. In the month of August we have received 6″ of rain.

That may not seem like much to my friends in the pacific northwest or even the midwest. But for us, it’s a lot of rain. Our retention basin had water in it for two weeks straight – I’ve never seen it carry water for that long. In comparison – last year, in all of 2020, we got 4.6″ of rain.

I can’t remember a summer where everything was this green. And I can’t remember a time when my weather app has been so inaccurate! But we are beyond grateful for the surprising storms that rolled in day in and day out dropping rain on us – the kids loved the change in temperature!