There was a time in my motherhood that I was begging my children to take naps. They were so tired. I was so tired.

I would lay next to their crib with my arm snaked through the bars and I would rub their back trying to get them to fall asleep. As they grew older, and in big kid beds, I would sit in their room as they tried to fall asleep and when they would sit up or squirm, I would quietly say from the corner, “Shut your eyes”. I’ve sat outside doors, waiting to catch a kid who thought they had found their freedom and were making a run for it.

I remember telling them that one day they were going to beg me to take naps and their little minds could not comprehend such a world!

And now some of my little ones aren’t so little anymore. And more than anything they love themselves a good Sunday afternoon nap. They work hard at school and sports all week long and then play hard through the weekend and by Sunday afternoons, they crash.

I told them this day would come. When more than anything, they would want to crawl up in their beds and sleep the afternoon away.