Steve’s work comes with all sorts of random perks.

When all these pool floats showed up at the house, my kids were giddy, until they learned that they couldn’t touch them. Major disappointment.

And then Steve needed the kids to blow them all up, and you would have thought they were in heaven. They couldn’t take them in the pool, but they could build a fort with them in the living room just as long as they didn’t pop them!!

And after a morning of having my entire living room covered with inflatables and a broken vase, I determined to deflate all the fun. Mom’s are fun suckers some times aren’t they?!

When we returned from our summer adventures, Steve had already presented the inflatables, which meant we were moving into the testing stage of product development. What better test than our five kids and their friends. It was fun for all ages. Hallie hosted high schoolers. Then Hunter hosted junior highers. Then Bennett, Cannon and Briggs hosted their friends multiple times. And the fun just never stopped. Impressively enough, in all the jumping, and pushing, and pulling – we only popped two of them – and they saw some SERIOUS wear and tear.

My kids are convinced we need to test inflatables like this every summer.