Do you even live in Arizona if you don’t have a couple scorpion stories every once in a while?!

I was brushing my teeth the other night and I could faintly hear something behind me. I turn around and see a large scorpion crawling in the bath tub. I hate seeing scorpions in my house!

I’ve killed what feels like a million of those suckers and yet every time I have to step on one I get a little nervous (I much prefer spraying them with brake cleaner when they’re crawling on my fence outside). I think it’s the fear that they will somehow sting me through my shoes which I understand is totally irrational.

So I climbed into the bathtub and carefully stepped on the scorpion making sure to smoosh it down as I rotated. I watched as it tried to move for a second, and then it gave up all together. I was satisfied with my kill – all while brushing my teeth. Although the thought of picking it up and trashing it was more than I could handle that night. I figured I would leave it for Steve to move in the morning when it was good and dead.

The next morning, without asking, I noticed Steve had taken care of it. (Knight in shining armor!) When I thanked him later that morning he didn’t know what I was talking about. I thought he was joking and then it was clear he had no idea there was a scorpion in the tub the night before. Obviously, my teeth brushing kill was hardly successful and there is now a 7 legged scorpion roaming my house (1 leg was still in the tub).

It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it and now I fear it will be back to get revenge. I’m just really grateful I didn’t try picking it up to throw it away only to have it sting me in the process.

There’s a reason why I don’t ask people to take off their shoes in my house – Because I’m not brave enough to do it myself! 🙂