Ten years ago, I sent Hallie to kindergarten and she left me home with two little boys. There were no tears shed that day – she was ready, I was ready…and time hasn’t slowed down since.

Every year since, I’ve sent my kids off to school at the start of each year, full of excitement, for them and for me. And for years I had two little kids at home despite how many I sent off to school! But time marches on and before long, Cannon went to school and left me with just one kid at home. It was so much easier to run errands with just one kid. And life changed dramatically when he stopped napping because we were no longer held down to a schedule and I thought that was the best thing ever.

Tomorrow my kids go back to school and once again there is excitement all around. But this year is significantly different than any other year because I’m sending my youngest off to kindergarten. So there’s an additional level of excitement for me. I am entering uncharted territory and looking back at this picture, it’s hard to believe I finally made it. After having kids in my home all day, every day for 16 years, I will drop the kids off and come home to a quiet house – where I can do what I want for the most part without being interrupted by much.

What’s funny is my good friend is also sending her youngest to school and we were talking about what we want to do with our new found freedom. She was concerned about finding productive things to keep her busy…and I can’t not think of things I want to do. So much so that I’m realizing there won’t be enough time in the day to accomplish all the ideas running through my head. And every time I walk through my house, another three things get added. Clean this, organize that, build or paint that…And that’s just pertaining to my house! I want to do more mindful meditation and scripture study, I want to help at AZ Brainfood and volunteer in my kids’ classrooms more frequently, I want to work on making more family videos and organizing photos and memory books…there’s really no shortage of ideas.

So for now, I’m going to take it one day at a time and try and piece our home back together after a summer whirlwind. And then I’m going to re-read Essentialism and Atomic Habits before I set out trying to accomplish the world.

I can’t help but think of all the years I’ve been in the trenches of motherhood, specifically little children, and it was wonderful and hard and I learned so much and we had so much fun. And now I get to start another chapter of wonderful and hard and with it will come new challenges and new growth and I’m excited and ready for it.