We have another teenager in the house!

Hunter is likable on every level. When he was younger, he was mischievous and I worried what lay in store for us with him as a teenager. And now that he’s a teenager – I happy to report he no longer trips little boys at church or goes to the bathroom where ever he feels like in the house. We’ve made so many great strides!

Here’ s a few things we love about our new teenager:

He really plays with his little brothers – and they love him for it. He makes up games for them and teaches them sports. Bennett doesn’t always appreciate his help, but someday he will!

He is a music lover. When he is surfing on the boat, he needs good tunes to keep the board moving.

He has surrounded himself with some great friends and they are thick as thieves – and the circle just keeps getting larger. It’s started out with 4 buddies, and over time it’s just grown to a much larger number. Which is a bonus when you go to junior high and you have friends in every class.

He is a Green Bay Packers fan through and through. He was born in Wisconsin and he is a cheesehead at his core.

Although tough on the outside, he’s got a tender heart and he’s great at looking out for the under dog and loving them.

He’s athletic and loves to be active. When he was little (we’re talking two years old) Steve was worried his hand eye coordination was going to limit his ability to play sports. 🙂 Luckily, he didn’t lack ability, he was just two years old! He plays soccer, tennis, flag football and basketball and he does just fine! On top of that he loves long boarding and wake surfing.

He loves to wear hats and he’s got plenty to go around. And yet every birthday/Christmas he’s asking for more hats.

He’s very aware of his surroundings and observant. As we’re teaching Hallie to drive, we’re teaching her the roads that she needs to be familiar with. Tonight we were driving to Steve’s brother’s house and although we’ve driven it an hundred times, Hallie was unsure as to what road she needed to turn on. Without skipping a beat Hunter named the street. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what the street name was, we just always turn on it. As we got to the street, I was surprised to see Hunter was right. At some point on one of our drives he recognized the street name.

He’s a great lawn boy. He’s been mowing our lawn for years. Our neighbor noticed his good work and hired him to do his lawn and Steve’s dad also picks him and Bennett up almost every week to do yard work at his house. In Arizona, it’s a painfully hot job – but it’s a great way to earn money at a young age.

Hunter is affectionate with words and touch. Every night he’ll come give me a hug before bed and if I’m every dropping him off somewhere he says, “I love you” before shutting the door. Even when I drop him off at soccer and all his buddies are with him. It melts my mama heart.

The older he gets, the more I enjoy his sweet natured, but joking personality.