He finally lost his last baby tooth, which meant it was time to move on to braces.

I think like most kids, he was initially excited for this step. Ignorance it often bliss and he had no clue the pain he would be in, he was just excited. I convinced him that the excitement would probably quickly fade. And although colored bands are fun in the beginning, chances are that would fade too so we went with the clear brackets on top (our ortho has them all priced the same) with the plan to wear a couple rounds of color bands in the near future.

By the time he got home from school that day, the excitement had already worn off. His mouth hurt. His lips were dry. His cheeks were cut up. And the whole time he’s telling me this, he’s acting as though no one knows his pain. I reminded him we all know his pain: Steve, Hallie, Me. I had braces for a total of 5.5 years…I know the pain that he’s talking about. But that doesn’t take away his discomfort. He has to go through it just like we all did.

We’re on day 3 which means the complaining has reduced significantly. He’s finally eating things rather than yogurt, pudding and applesauce. And he got his first glimpse at the ASU game of all the things (candy and popcorn) that he can no longer partake of. 🙂

I have a feeling his “after” photos in two years will have him looking less like a kid and more like a man!