There are not enough days in the week for all the lake days we want to enjoy. We were hoping to get out more this fall but time is a valuable commodity. And as the weather starts to change, our days our limited. So I wanted to do a quick phone photo dump (thanks to Hallie, I no longer have to take pics on the boat!)

My favorite time to be at the lake is just before sunset. It takes me back to our Milwaukee days when we used to boat multiple times a week and we’d always pull off Lake Pewaukee at sunset and it’s still etched in my mind as a magical time. To this day, sunset on the lake gives me warm fuzzies.

We had many visitors and friends accompany us and we even got Steve’s parents to join us for an afternoon.

Bennett started the summer being forced on the surfboard. Each time we went out we had him try it at least two times. By the end of the summer he was always the first one in the water and he caught the surfing bug. It’s fun when it clicks.

I’m still learning, but my kids are kind to applaud for me from the boat. I don’t do cold water…at all…but September water in Arizona is just about as ideal as it gets for me.

Hunter and Hallie are really the surfing champs of the family and I realized I have far more video of them surfing than pictures.

Both Cannon and Briggs enjoyed tandem surfing and Cannon finally decided he wanted to start learning to surf on his own. It can be tough to learn as a kid, but if they’re willing to try, we’re willing to teach.

I think the biggest highlight of our summer lake days was never having to fill up the tube! I know for some that may seem like a tragedy. Not only does it cause injuries, I just really dislike being on a boat that is tubing – it makes me nauseous. So we do whatever we can to not have to pull the tube out.

And this year our kids were completely cooperative about it. I’m not sure we’ll always be so lucky!