Bennett is an old soul. And he has big ears…he’s always listening. He’s listening to the conversation about carpool but he’s also listening to the conversation about the economy. When Steve and I are discussing something, we often don’t even know he’s in the room, but you better believe he’s listening. He asks questions about what’s going on in the world around and he retains so much. He’ll pull out facts on topics we didn’t even know he was aware of!

Specifically he’s taken a liking to our conversations about articles in the Wall Street Journal. It was just a year ago when we were watching the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. Every day the WSJ had articles outlining what was being discussed and we discussed them as a family. Later in the week Bennett was riding in the car with a friend and the mom was listening to the radio where she was being discussed. Bennett asked if they were discussing ACB and the mom was taken back. Bennett then spouted off what he had read that morning concerning the hearing. The mom was floored. She told us later her son had no idea who ACB was or why the hearings were even important – let alone any details surrounding the hearings. But Bennett knew – because he is always listening and has taken an interest in the daily paper (which we joke about, because Steve is one of the few people I know that still gets a physical daily paper!)

The new joke for Bennett became, “Well, I was reading in the Wall Street Journal…”

Just last week I walked into the playroom where a football game was on TV and I found him, feet up, just browsing the paper for anything interesting. Is he 10 or 50?